In October 2005, Delphine le Serre began her doctorate in Rennes, France. In parallel of her research activities, she started teaching at the university. Her first lesson was a revelation for her: she had found her calling, this “why” that we sometimes seek for a lifetime. She had started her career a few years earlier as an engineer in industry but realized that she was destined to be part of the education sector. She became a professor, researcher, educational program director, director of digital transformation, entrepreneur then senior advisor of investment funds. She held these various roles for more than 15 years with the same passion and vision: that of offering the best to generations of students.

In March 2020, Delphine moved to Montreal with her family. Like more than 2.6 billion people on the planet, she was confined and she was living this unprecedented event in the history of humanity. An event where collectively, billions of human beings on the planet found themselves facing their finitude, at the same time. She realized the collective error into which the entire modern education system had fallen, from the smallest schools to the largest universities, over the past 60 years. An outdated model of education, disconnected from the challenges that humanity must address. Then the entrepreneur in her began to think about the creation of an educational movement, embodied by a foundation, that would promote a new education paradigm, carrying individual and collective meaning for humanity.

This is how EdHu2050 was born.


The EdHu2050 Foundation is a non-profit organization with headquarters is located in Montreal, Canada. Created in 2022, the organization is led by a team of 10 people spread between Montreal, Paris and London which allows it to shine on both continents: North America and Europe.

We are currently working on two main topics:

  1. The most recent, state of the art academic research around the 4 MOON pillars;
  2. International communication actions to raise awareness about the necessary new educational paradigm.


Each of our team members is an education enthusiast and a change maker.



Patricia Pieroni-Christin

Chief Operating Officer Canada

Sophia Hammiche

Chief Operating Officer France

Alice Coupeau

Web Manager

Jonathan Chodjaï


Cédric Mora

AI Expert

David Pontalier

EdTech Expert

Cécile Lemoine

Humanities Expert

Christel Joly

Information Technologies & Education Expert

Faculty Lecturer at HEC Montréal

Cormac O’Keeffe

AI Expert

Luc Lespérance

AI Expert

Faculty Lecturer at HEC Montréal